Automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS)

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Automatic AS/RS system can replace traditional fixed shelf as a high-speed, high-density buffering storage. While maintaining a compact floor area, it maximizes space utilization through vertical storage. It can move and store goods or components placed in standard cartons and pallets with cargo; Through various forms of warehouse input and output transportation system and sorting systems, it can achieve efficient and fast component sorting and automatic warehousing.

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Automated storage and retrieval (AS/RS), equipped with intelligent software system including LI-WMS、LI-WCS,can achieve automation processes such as automatic product supply, 3D storage, conveying, and sorting, thereby achieving the integration and intelligence of production, packaging, warehousing, and logistics, greatly improving the efficiency of warehouse input and output.


This can be applied to electronic component, food and beverage, management of pharmaceuticals and other small items, e-commerce warehouse sorting/retail store delivery.

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