Automatic servo coordinate palletizer

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The packaging market and the end of the line is complex, and are daily becoming more.

Suppliers are requested to a wide range of products with a maximum of reliability and a minimum of operating costs.

With HEAD FULL LAYER GRIPPING the range of palletizers it offers flexibility, modularity and all around performance.

This system is able to manage any type of product and secondary packaging.

The lean and robust design a single column and a lifting unit, it apart from other solutions for a good quality / price ratio

The simplicity of the system allows automatic transmissions in less than one minute without manual adjustment.

And, of course, the quality and integrity of the packages remain impeccable, even for very lightweight containers.

The speed of the system depends on the arrangement of elements in input.

All modules are designed to be easily assembled together.

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Single column palletiser has several types, different types is designed according to customer’s configuration requirements: different production speed requirements, different carton combination on the pallet, different space limit. The whole machine’s operations are handled by the automation system and the machine control in perfect synchronization with the operations performed by the loading head layers, so that the vertical and horizontal movements of the various mechanical assemblies in motion or on the central column follow precise trajectories and coordinates that prevent any contact or interference between them.

Our palletizing solutions allow you to group the most of the three main functions of palletizing: inserting empty pallets, overlapping layers of packs and inserting layer pads between them; offering considerable advantages from the point of view of operational flexibility, job security and maintenance of the machines and concentrating in a well delimited area the use of forklifts, trans-pallets, etc., optimizing the loading and unloading areas management

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 3D Drawing


 Electrical Configuration

PLC Siemens
Frequency Converter Danfoss
Photoelectricity Inductor SICK
Driving Motor SEW/OMATE
Pneumatic Components FESTO
LOW-voltage Apparatus Schneider
Touch Screen Schneider
Servo Panasonic

Technical Parameter

Stacking Speed 20/40/60/80/120 cartons per minute
Max. carrying capacity /layer 190Kg
Max. carrying capacity /pallet Max 1800kG
Max. stack height 2000mm (Customized)
Installation Power 17KW
Air Pressure ≥0.6MPa
Power 380V.50Hz , three-phase +ground wire
Consumption of the Air 800L/Min
Size of the Pallet According to customer reqirement

After Sales Protection

  • 1. Ensure outstanding quality
  • 2. Professional engineers with more than 10 years experience, all in readiness
  • 3. Available on-site installation and debugging
  • 4.Experienced foreign trade staff to guarantee instant and efficient communication
  • 5. Provide lifelong technical support
  • 6. Provide operation training if necessary
  • 7. Quick response and in-time installation
  • 8. Provide professional OEM&ODM service

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