High Level Empty Can/Bottle Gantry Palletizer

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Lilanpack provides intelligent automatic empty can/bottle palletizing machine for Food, Water, Beverage, Seasoner, Daily chemistry Products. The complete system is customized according to your packing/palletizing process requirements. Automatically loading cans/bottles to pallets, heap up the cans/bottles on the pallet in certain order, which is to improve your empty can/bottle production line efficiency.

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This automatic empty can/bottle palletizing machine is designed according to customer packing requirements (customer’s can/bottle size, cans/bottles combination on the pallet, production speed, interlayer sheet type, top cap type and material, pallet dimension height). According to different packing requirements, we design different type of palletizing system, high level type, low level type, gantry type, single column type and so on; support customized loading gripper (magnetic gripper, sucking gripper, and air bag gripper, and mechanical clip type gripper), packing speed is also customized.


Work flow

During the production, empty can be transported by conveyor to the can arrangement system, the arrangement system will arrange cans in a certain order, after arrangement, the gripper will catch the complete layer of the cans and move to the pallet, and the interlayer gripper will suck one piece of interlayer paper and put it on the complete layer of cans; repeat about actions until the complete pallet is finished.

 Electrical Configuration

PLC Siemens
Frequency Converter Danfoss
Photoelectricity Inductor SICK
Pneumatic Components FESTO
LOW-voltage Apparatus Schneider
Touch Screen Schneider

 Technical Parameter

Stack Speed 400/600/800/1200 bottles/cans per minute
Max. carrying capacity /layer 150Kg
Max. carrying capacity /pallet Max 1500kG
Max. stack height 2600mm (Customized)
Installation Power 18KW
Air Pressure ≥0.6MPa
Power 380V.50Hz , three-phase +ground wire
Consumption of the Air 800L/Min
Size of the Pallet According to customer requirement

After Sales Protection

  • 1. Ensure outstanding quality
  • 2. Professional engineers with more than 7 years experience, all in readiness
  • 3. Available on-site installation and debugging
  • 4.Experienced foreign trade staff to guarantee instant and efficient communication
  • 5. Provide lifelong technical support
  • 6. Provide operation training if necessary
  • 7. Quick response and in-time installation
  • 8. Provide professional OEM&ODM service

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