Automatic conveyor line system for bottles/cans/cartons/packs

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It is suitable for empty and full bottle, empty and full can, cartons, packs.

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Air conveyor

Motor: ABB brand 2.2KW/set
Air Bellow Size: 240*220 Thickness: 1.5MM
Main material: stainless steel SUS 304
Guardrail: Ultrahigh molecular wear-resisting material
Low voltage electric: Schneider
Proximity switch:SICK
Guide bar:supra polymer material, EMERSON brand
Frequency converter: Danfoss
Cylinder: SMC
Electric cabinet: independent electrical cabinets, carbon coating, all imported brands

Description of Bottle Conveyor

1)Side plates: 304 stainless steel cold-rolled drawplates, thickness 3mm, height ≥ 160 mm.
3)Curve guide: Magnetic guide way
4)Support legs: 304 stainless steel stamping structure.
5)Trunking and cover plate: 304 stainless steel, thickness ≥ 1 mm
6)Lubricant section sink: 304 stainless steel, Thickness ≥ 1mm
7) Straight chain belt: Emerson brand, model 1000 module belt, thickness 8mm, seldom blocking happens
Curve chain: Emerson brand, model 1060, width 85mm, thickness 8mm
8)Bearing housing: Emerson brand, 304 stainless steel shell, NSK bearings
9)Frequency converter:Danfoss
11)Approaching switch:SICK
12)Electric cabinet: Independent electric SUS304 cabinet
13) Module belt, no gap and no blocking
14) All the fasteners are using Taiwan Dongming Brand, SUS304 material


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