Automatic Retort Basket Loading and Unloading System

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Automatic loading and unloading systems are built to speed up a standard process that happens in water, juice, and beverage and food product production line. A wide range of solutions for the loading/unloading of glass bottles, plastic bottles, and aluminum cans/bottles, metal and plastic containers in baskets destined to sterilization in autoclaves/retort. The range of loading and unloading machine extends from semiautomatic systems for low outputs (1 – 1.5 layers/min) to completely automatic systems for high speed requirements (over 4 layers/min). All the machines can be supplied either in free-standing version or integrated into complex, completely automatic packing systems. The machines are entirely made of stainless steel. Modular solutions enable to suit the plant easily to the customer’s space needs and to the type of basket used.

The automation of the lines can be extended down to the basket transfer to/from the autoclaves with shuttles on rails, with single or double track, with no operator.

Product Detail

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All operations are automatic. The loading and unloading units can be combined enabling the automatic transfer of baskets and layer-pads. At infeed and outfeed, the basket transfer from / to autoclaves can be done by a manual trolley or by automatic systems (shuttles or conveyors).

The automatic systems are available in sweep-off version or with magnetic head.
Capacity: over 4 layers / min (depending on basket and container dimensions).

On demand, the lines can be supplied with a supervision system enabling a single operator to control all the operations in real time and act from one control panel.

 Working flow

Products are transported to loading machine infeedding conveyor, and products will be arranged automatically on feeding conveyor according to the programmed order, then the clamp will grip complete layer of product and move them to the basket, and then the layer-pad clamp will pick the interlayer pad and place it into the basket which is on the top of products. Repeat above actions, load products layer by layer, once the basket is full, the complete basket will be transported to the autoclaves/retorts by chain conveyor, after sterilization in retort, the basket will be transported to unloading machine by chain conveyor, and the unloading system will clamp the cans layer by layer from the basket to the outfeeding conveyor. The complete process is manless production, which will improve the production efficiency.

Main configuration


Brand and supplier



Frequency converter

Danfoss (Demark)

Photoelectric sensor

SICK (Germany)

Servo motor


Servo driver


Pneumatic components

FESTO (Germany)

Low-voltage apparatus


Touch screen

Siemens (Germany)

 Technical Parameters

Stack Speed 400/600/800/1000 cans/bottles per min
Height of cans/bottles According to customer's product
Max. carrying capacity /layer  180Kg
Max. carrying capacity /basket Max 1800kG
Max. stack height According to the retort basket size
Installation Power 48KW
Air Pressure ≥0.6MPa
Power 380V.50Hz , three-phase four-wire
Consumption of the Air 1000L/Min
Size of basket conveyor line According to customer basket



After Sales Protection

  • 1. Ensure outstanding quality
  • 2. Professional engineers with more than 7 years experience, all in readiness
  • 3. Available on-site installation and debugging
  • 4. Experienced foreign trade staff to guarantee instant and efficient communication
  • 5. Provide lifelong technical support
  • 6. Provide operation training if necessary
  • 7. Quick response and in-time installation
  • 8. Provide professional OEM&ODM service

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