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Packaging is an essential part of any product production process. With the increasing demand for aesthetic packaging, heat shrink packaging machines have emerged. Heat shrink film packaging machines have the following advantages:
Efficient and energy-saving: The heat shrink film packaging machine adopts advanced heating technology, which can quickly and evenly heat the product. At the same time, the efficient energy utilization design can greatly reduce operating costs….

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Intelligent operation: The heat shrink film packaging machine is equipped with an intelligent control system, which is easy to operate and even beginners can quickly get started. In addition, its powerful fault diagnosis function can also help you discover and solve problems in a timely manner.

Strong functionality: The heat shrink film packaging machine is suitable for goods of various materials and shapes, whether it is food, electronic products, or medical devices, it can achieve perfect packaging effects.

Environmental friendly and sanitary: The heat shrink film packaging machine complies with national environmental standards. With low noise and low emissions, it provides health protection for our production and life.

Product details

The products are transported to the entrance conveyor of this packing machine, and after that product will be organized into the group (of 3*5/4*6 etc) by double servo circular bottle splitting mechanism. The bottle splitting mechanism and pushing rod will transport each group of products to the next workstation. At the same time, the film roll will supply the film to the cutting knife which will cut the film according to designed length and be transported to the next workstation to be wrapped around the corresponding group of products by film wrapping mechanism. The film wrapped product enters the circulating hot air oven for shrinking. After being cooled by cold air at the outlet, the film is tightened. A group of products are tightly wrapped together for the next workstation stacking work.


This wraparound case packing machine is used for can, PET bottle, glass bottle, gable-top cartons and other hard packaging containers in the industries of mineral water, carbonated beverages, juice, alcohol, sauce products, dairy products, health products, pet food, detergents, edible oils, etc.


Product Display


Electrical Configuration





Servo motor


Photoelectric sensor


Pneumatic components


Touch screen


Low voltage apparatus


Technical Parameter

Model LI-SF60/80/120/160
Speed 60/80/120/160BPM
Power supply

3 x 380 AC ±10%,50HZ,3PH+N+PE.

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