Complete automatic production packing line for cased food

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Lilanpack provides intelligent automatic solutions for the secondary packaging machinery and equipment in the Food, Water, Beverage, Seasoner, Daily chemistry Products. Such as cased Doufu product etc. The complete system is customized according to your packing process requirements. Automatically loading cases into sterilizing trays and stacking the trays, transporting the trays into the retort and unloading the cased doufu from the tray and packing doufu into carton and sealing the carton by adhesive tape, finally palletizing cartons on pallet, which is to improve your production line efficiency.

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This automatic production line includes the conveyor system, sterilization system, retort basket loading and unloading system, case packing system and robot palletizing system.
This complete cased food packing line is designed according to customer’s production process, completely automatic packing system: when the cased food comes out from filling sealing machine, our robot loading and unloading robot will automatically load the cases into sterilizing trays and stacking the trays, after that, the trays stack will be transported into retort and unloading the cases from the tray after finishing sterilization, the cases will be transported into the robotic carton packing system, robotic carton packing system orderly packing the cases into cartons. The complete automatic system is to improve customer’s production efficiency and saves labor cost.

The complete packing system layout


Main configuration


Brand and supplier



Frequency converter

Danfoss (Demark)

Photoelectric sensor

SICK (Germany)

Servo motor


Servo driver


Pneumatic components

FESTO (Germany)

Low-voltage apparatus


Touch screen

Siemens (Germany)

Main structure description


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