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Lilanpack provides intelligent automatic solutions for the secondary packaging machinery and equipment in the Food, Water, Beverage, Seasoner, Daily chemistry Products. Such as cat food, dog food product; Spring water, Drinks, Shampoo, Body wash product, and Engine oil, Lubrication oil product, etc. The complete system is customized according to your packing requirements. Putting products into carton and sealing the carton, and then palletizing the cartons on the pallet automatically, to improve your production line efficiency.

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Manufacturers in different sectors need more than just one machine for their packaging tasks. This is why Lilanpack is there to support you as a partner with comprehensive turnkey solutions. We consider your process as a whole and develop concepts and overall solutions for lines as required. This goes beyond simply installing a packaging machine. Lilanpack provides solutions for highly complex challenges in secondary packaging, and is also able to implement them itself.

Our aim: as General Contractor, is to find the best solution for you. Our approach, ideally, is to coordinate the individual items of equipment and mould them into a completely integrated solution - resulting in a perfectly functioning packaging line.


Our role comprises

  • 1.Taking full technical and financial responsibility for your project
  • 2.Installation of the complete packaging line and on-time
  • 3.A named person single point of contact
  • 4.Documentation conforming to highest standards

Case Studies

Sinopec oil packaging line for engine oil: case packer system

  • One-piece type carton forming and robotic carton packing line for SINOPEC oil bottle packing line

Spanish Chips bag packaging line: case packer + case palletizer


Milk tea case packaging line


Ketchup pouch bag packaging line


Dog food bag packaging line

  • Robotic case packer system for soft bags (chips bag, snack food bags, pet food bags)

Shampoo packaging line

  • Robotic case packer for shampoo bottle of vertical packing

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