Robot Palletizer For Cartons/Bags/Buckets/Packs

Short Description:

High efficiency automatic robotic palletiser can be used in many kinds of production lines, providing intelligent, mechanization for production site. It is a palletising logistic system which can be used in the industries of beer, water, soft drink, milk, beverage and foodstuff etc. It is widely used for stacking carton, plastic crate, bottle, bag, barrel, shrink wrapped product and can etc. Customized the picking gripper according to product features, flexible for multi-application.

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Types of Palletizing & De-Palletizing

Bag Palletizing
Case Palletizing
Carton Palletizing
Box Palletizing
Frozen Food Palletizing

De-Palletizing Systems
Pouch Palletizing
Pail Palletizing
Keg Palletizing

Robot Palletizing Systems

We design standard and customized palletizing systems that can increase productivity and save you money. Modular design offers flexibility, high output, and simple operation. Our robot palletizing systems are flexible and can handle virtually any product, including heavy cases, bags, newspapers, cartons, bundles, pallets, pails, totes or trayed products.



 Robot arm Japanese brand robot Fanuc Kawasaki
German brand robot KUKA  
Switzerland brand robot ABB  

Main performance parameters

 Speed capacity  4-8s per cycle Adjust according to products and arrangement per layer
Weight About 4000-8000kg Depend on different design
Applicable product Cartons, cases, bags, pouch bags, crates Containers, bottles, cans, buckets, bags etc
 Power  and air requirements Compressed air 7bar  
Electric power 17-25 Kw  
Voltage 380v 3 phases

Main configuration


Brand and supplier



Frequency converter

Danfoss (Demark)

Photoelectric sensor

SICK (Germany)

Servo motor


Servo driver


Pneumatic components

FESTO (Germany)

Low-voltage apparatus


Touch screen

Siemens (Germany)

Main Features

  • 1) Simple structure, easy in installation and maintains.
  • 2) Adopting advanced world famous brand components in pneumatic parts, electric parts and operation parts.
  • 3) When there is some change about the production line, just need to modify the software program.
  • 4) Running in a high automatization and intellectualization,no pollution
  • 5) Robert Palletizer takes less space and more flexiable , accurate compared to the traditional palletizer.
  • 6) Reducing a lot of labour and labour cost, more productive.

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